Belvin & Bishop Drainage


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On Monday, May 16, a resident submitted the following inquiry to Council Members Mail Group:

Belvin & Bishop Drainage
Hello. We have repeatedly been affected by flooding on San Antonio Street, Bishop Street and the adjoining area.

The flooding issues have significantly increased over the last few years. More structures are taking on water, and the volume and velocity of the water has considerably increased. A smaller amount of rain can now cause unexpected flooding.

The flooding is likely due to increased upstream flows caused by new development, university development and a lack of properly sized city drainage infrastructure. The existing infrastructure cannot handle the increased volume of water. This is a city issue, and a city must maintain its stormwater infrastructure, as it is a core service to its citizens. There are many new projects and new infrastructure around town. Although, we must remember to protect our established neighborhoods and community.

The funding for this project has been delayed several times. Over 10 years ago, the City paid for a design to fix the problem, however lack of funding for construction required the project to be shelved. A new design is currently being paid for by the city and is 40% complete. Funding for construction is still not identified in the CIP. The city needs to stop shovel-ready infrastructure for economic development, and get this taken care of immediately. Some long term neighbors are ready to sell and move, while others can’t sleep when it rains.
  • Why is any future-ready project more important than keeping water out of our houses?
  • Put this project back into the Fiscal Year 2023 budget!
  • Thank you for all your hard work & dedication to our wonderful city.
Response provided by Engineering:
Moving up funding to FY 2023 will not speed up the project due to the remaining tasks on the project schedule.

The project was delayed in the FY 2022 CIP to account for the funding constraints on the General and Stormwater funds. In addition, the utility companies need the existing construction on Hopkins to be completed so through traffic is no longer using Belvin and San Antonio as an alternative route. The project schedule was updated after this delay to align with construction funding being received in FY 2024. At this point, the critical path the scheduled is finishing the 60% design followed by utility relocations.

The 60% design submittal is due in August 2022. Once that is received, utility relocation plans will be prepared by the franchise utilities, and they will relocate in advance of the City work. It is anticipated for the utility work to start construction in the Spring of 2023 and they will be cleared in Spring of 2024. Once the utilities are cleared, the City’s drainage improvement can start. We cannot start sooner because the existing utilities are in conflict with the drainage improvements. We cannot start the utility work sooner, because we need the plans far enough along that we can designate a clear alignment for the utilities.

While the design and utility relocation work are occurring, the project will run a parallel path for easement acquisitions. Again, we need the plans to be far enough along that we feel confident in our ROW needs and that will not occur until the 60% design is submitted in August 2022. It is anticipated that easement acquisitions will take approximately 1 year from the 60% design submittal date. The project has not been cleared environmentally, although we do anticipate clearance this month or next.

In addition, the project overlaps the West Purgatory Creek wastewater improvements near San Antonio and Olive Street. Due to this overlap, the outfall improvement will be completed (in advance) with the West Purgatory Creek project. The outfall is expected to be completed in the fall of 2023.