Item 01: Arts Master Plan

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Where can I find the current Arts Master Plan? Inquiries on the website only shows me draft of the new one.

What is in the current plan, that was not done, that is also in the new plan? When I saw a presentation on the new one a number of items sure seemed familiar.


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Response provided by Trey Hatt, Arts Coordinator:
  1. The 2012 master plan is included in the updated draft as an appendix (page 109 of the PDF). We will also post as a separate document to make it easier to identify.
  2. We continue to use the 2012 Arts Master Plan as our road map for guiding our ongoing processes. The updated master plan, as well as the 2012 document before it, is a guiding tool not a checklist of projects. Many of the goals indicated in the 2012 Arts Master Plan are ongoing processes that should be continued (for instance: promotion, accessibility, inclusiveness). Others, such as a performing arts center, are enormous projects that are long-term goals that would have to be achieved over multiple years.
  3. Thank you, we will share this with Keen Independent for review.
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