Question & Answer Session with Press and Public


Staff member
  1. Would staff reallocate lobbying efforts to work with TDHCA? This is a Council policy question. Staff does currently work with TDHCA on efforts as appropriate and Council appoints a person to serve on behalf of the City of the San Marcos. Ryan Thomason is the City’s current representative.
  1. Would we deprioritize SPEC warehouse? This is a City Council policy decision. We have an economic development policy that outlines current economic development priorities. Historically, our spec building incentives have not required payments/rebates to the company. Spec building incentives typically are not paid by the City once the spec building is fully leased. This has been the case for most recent spec building incentives agreement.
  1. Is Code Compliance performing site inspections to make sure LIHTC units are up to code? These developments are reviewed as part of the normal development process when being designed and constructed. Code Compliance inspects on a complaint basis. The City Council is also including additional funds to work with the Rio Grande Valley for tenets rights and assistance in the upcoming budget year.
  1. Asset Management: Research this company and the discrimination issues against them. Could the DEI Coordinator evaluate property management companies? The DEI Coordinator works with staff and the community on various issues and will assist with navigating issues that arise. In practice, when community members have reported discrimination, we have referred them to Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid.