Item 09: Victim's Services Program: Victim Coordinator and Liaison Grant (VCLG)

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Consider approval of Resolution 2021-80R, authorizing the submission of an application to
the Office of the Attorney General, Crime Victims Services Division, for a Victim
Coordinator and Liaison Grant (VCLG) in an amount not to exceed $45,000 to continue
funding for the Police Department’s Victim’s Services Program; authorizing the City
Manager or his designee to execute any and all documents as needed to accept and
implement the grant, if awarded; and declaring an effective date.


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Who is/are the current Victim Services officers and what is their current workload?

How does the term "offender" apply in cases where someone is potentially a victim of the Police?

How successful has our staff been in relation to helping people with the Crime Victims' Compensation applications? Also, why has the never been mentioned as a program before, especially as we were talking about Cite and Release and all the concerns about restitution?

The grant specifies that "Special conditions" may be placed at any time and seems to imply that it could include anything. Have we won this grant before and what special conditions were placed on us then, and can we be given notification when/if special conditions are required to receive this grant? Could these include mandates from the Governor and his appointed Attorney General to require working with ICE or not defunding police departments?
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