Item 10: Fire Station #3 Project Management Services


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Consider approval of Resolution 2023-112R, approving a professional services agreement with AG/CM Inc. for Fire Station #3 Project Management Services in an amount not to exceed $200,000.00; authorizing the City Manager or her designee to execute the agreement on behalf of the City and declaring an effective date.


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The ARF doesn't specify what work is to be done. Nor does the attachment other that $67,028 for what appears to be an assessment.
What isn't working and what is the goal?


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Response provided by Fire Chief, Les Stephens:
We are hiring AG|CM as our owner’s representative for a full remodel of Fire Station 3 (2420 Hunter Rd.)

AG|CM is a local firm and has extensive experience with fire station remodels and new construction, along with other municipal facilities. The not-to-exceed amount is for their consulting and management services during the initial planning, design, architecture, and engineering phase of the project. If we are happy with their work, we plan to extend this contract, within the $200,000 specified, for them to continue to assist us with selecting a contractor and managing/inspecting during the construction phase.

The station is nearing 25 years old. It was opened in 2001 and was poorly designed from the outset. It doesn’t have a “front” door for public access and the back patio is located on the front of the station. With this remodel we plan to address multiple issues:
  • Create a true front door and public entrance.
  • Re-route the apparatus driveway; the current driveway and apparatus approach is very hard on the frames and suspension of our large fire apparatus.
  • Completely redesign and remodel the living area of the station, including as many of the design features from our new stations as possible
  • Improving the overall energy efficiency of the station; moving to LED lighting and more efficient (both electricity and water) appliances, at a minimum. If money permits, we may also upgrade the doors and windows.
  • Add a physical fitness/workout room and bunker gear storage area to the far side of the station, to remove/reduce the potential for contamination to enter the living area.
  • Create pressurized vestibules between the apparatus bay and the living/sleeping quarters. This too is being done to reduce the potential for carcinogens and contamination from entering the living space.
  • Add one additional apparatus bay if funding allows.
  • Replace all the garage doors and garage door openers; the doors and much of the equipment are reaching end-of-life and this causes us to have more repair/maintenance issues. We have also improved the safety and design configuration of our overhead doors at the newer stations and want to incorporate what we have learned into this station.
  • Reconfigure the dorm rooms and restrooms to appropriately accommodate both male and female employees working in the same facility.