Item 10: Interlocal Agreement on Stormwater Pollution Prevention Public Education

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Consider approval of Resolution 2022-138R, approving a Restated and Amended Interlocal Agreement between the City of San Marcos, City of Kyle, City of New Braunfels and Texas State University to remove the City of Kyle and to reestablish a commitment to collaborate on sponsoring an annual conference and stormwater pollution prevention public education programs; authorizing the City Manager or her designee to execute the agreement on behalf of the City; and declaring an effective date.


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No edits are shown in the agreement that should show it.
There are two copies of a clean, new agreement.
Was the document with changes uploaded a Word document?
Recall that Legistar automatically accepts the changes if it converts to PDF for the packet.

Solution is to save the marked Word document as a PDF and upload the PDF to Legistar.


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Response provided by Sabas Avila, Director of Public Works:

Response to Mayor Hughson:
Thank you Mayor for informing us of the conversion issue. Please find the redlined document that was originally uploaded into Legistar.

Response to CM Baker:
The City’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program is a federal and state requirement under the U.S. Clean Water Act. The purpose of this interlocal agreement (ILA) is to provide coordinated regional MS4 education and training. The interlocal agreement satisfies requirements mandated to the City by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) issued MS4 Permit.

The City does not contribute funding under this agreement. The interlocal agreement saves the City money by providing the City and its regional partners mandatory training, required by the TCEQ and Environmental Protection Agency, without expense. The funding discussed in the interlocal agreement is generated from hosting an annual stormwater education conference to include; participant registration fees, vendor fees, and sponsor fees.

Employees of the City and regional partners will attend the annual conferences for free.

Achievements of previous ILA term:
  • Free annual training for City employees to meet mandated MS4 requirements
  • Conference provides networking opportunities to share best practices and innovative solutions
  • Conference provides opportunity to create regional goals and solve problems in MS4/TCEQ compliance
  • The TCEQ identified this agreement as a model of regional cooperation
  • Developed strong partnerships with Texas State University, City of New Braunfels, and City of Kyle


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