Item 12: Legal Counsel for Airport before Caldwell County Appraisal Board

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Consider approval of Resolution 2021-229R, approving the appointment of Attorney Charles Soechting as outside legal counsel to represent the City of San Marcos and the San Marcos Regional Airport before the Caldwell County Appraisal Board in regards to the Caldwell County Chief Appraiser’s decision to remove the public exemptions from property located at the San Marcos Regional Airport; and declaring an effective date


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This agenda item is to hire someone to litigate this, but I am not in favor of litigating this and think we should pay taxes using the same interpretation presented by their Appraisal district.
Before I would vote to have someone represent us on this issue I would want to know:

How much would this cost us in taxes for the referenced properties?
With all the coming renovations and investment, wouldn't we want to make sure we're paying taxes into the area we're more directly polluting with the expansion?
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