Item 14: SMCISD School Resource Officers

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Consider approval of Resolution 2021-173R, approving the Terms and Conditions of an Interlocal Agreement between City of San Marcos and the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District (SMCISD) relating to the City’s provision of Officers to serve as School Resource Officers; authorizing the City Manager or his designee to execute the agreement on behalf of the City; and declaring an effective date.


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Section 6 has been renamed from "Chain of Command" to "Reporting Structure" yet 6.1 states that "SROs shall follow the chain of command" - is this correct? OK by me if it is. Just looks odd.


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Response to Mayor Hughson, provided by Chief Standridge:
They are synonymous, but we thought the title “Reporting Structure” was more appropriate. The policy (6.1) then has to delineate what reporting structure actually means.


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1. SRO’s need training to work with and RECOGNIZE neurodivergent children under their care. The should learn what spot lighting is and the legal consequences. Many children are negatively impacted by the poor training of the SRO’s. CC has spoken about this at some length, is this additional "sensitivity training" part of this contract or is that still being developed as the discussions have been recent.



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Response to CM Derrick, provided by Chief Standridge:
The role of a school resource officer is codified in Texas Education Code 37.081:

Should perform duties that include protecting:
  • The safety and welfare of any person
  • Property of the district
SBLE/SRO/Security Personnel should not perform:
  • routine discipline or administrative tasks or contact with student unrelated to the law duties
The Police Department currently employs five school resource officers who are supervised by a sergeant, as follows:
  • Wooten 8 years, 3 months as a peace officer 4,885 training hours, including 150 college hours
  • Slaughter 23 years, 9 mos 2,366 hours
  • Nevarez 13 years, 10 mos 2,839 hours
  • Marroquin 21 years, 7 mos 4,519 hours
  • Castillo 12 years, 11 mos 2,127 hours
(These officers have a combined 724 hours of training in School Based Law Enforcement, which is administered by the Texas School Safety Center (through Texas State University).

SROs have had training including, but are not limited to:
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Autism
  • Autism Recognition, Response and Risk Management
  • De-escalation
  • Cultural diversity
  • Implicit bias
  • Juvenile law
  • Civilian interaction training
  • Mental impairment
  • Child abuse prevention and investigation
  • Human trafficking
  • Developmental disabilities
There is no course that is designed specifically for neurodivergent children, since this term can be used broadly. Additionally, the interlocal agreement does not contemplate matters related to ongoing education of SROs, since this document is meant to communicate minimum expectations for assignment and responsibilities.
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