Item 16: Downtown Lighting System Installation

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Consider approval of Resolution 2022-144R, approving a contract with Inception Lighting through the Texas Interlocal Purchasing System Cooperative (TIPS) for the Downtown Lighting System Installation in an amount not to exceed $77,225.68; authorizing the City Manager or her designee to execute the contract on behalf of the City; and declaring an effective date.


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Thanks for providing the 2016 resolution number. That saved me some time.

in 2016, some of us had doubts about this system, and the price, when we approved it. And the expectations by us were not met as to the use of the system. The suggestions by staff were that we COULD set the lights maroon when the Bobcats won a significant game (regardless of sport) and same for purple and Rattlers, as examples of usage, but that didn't happen often. I think the reason given was "technical issues" when we pressed it. I hope this system is better!

It appears this is the SAME company. Why did we choose them after having such issues with the 2016 system?

I know that staff member is no longer at the CoSM but I think there was always confusion about who was responsible for the lighting and the color changes.

Who will be responsible this time?


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Response provided by Rebecca Ybarra, Director of Destination Service:

Previous Ownership
Inception Lighting sold to the current owner in January 2021. The previous owner did not further invest in the technology previous to the sale.

In 2020, the maintenance contractor informed us that the equipment is dated which limits future availability of replacement supplies and equipment. The previous app is no longer active; therefore the color is defaulted to white.

New Ownership/New System
The new owner, Mike Dooley, is a former employee of Inception Lighting. He has invested into the technology by partnering with Ilumi for a state-of-the-art control solution. Ilumi holds over 20 patents on their control system and innovative meshing technology. Inception holds two patents on its attachment hardware.

Why did we choose the same company?
We met with the new ownership regarding the current system. They would continue making the parts to replace the broken system, but the app would no longer be applicable to the system. They offered options for a new system. Offered a discount and would be able to use the hardware hanging system of the current equipment.

Color Options
The RGB color model is a mixture of three primary hues — red, green and blue — which can be combined in various proportions to produce 16,777,216 distinct colors discernible to the human eye. Although there is a color that appears as maroon, once lit, it does not come across as Bobcat maroon when used by any LED pixel system. There are a few other shades of colors that will not be true to color.

New Mobile App with the new system
The new app will allow for a full year of programable ability. Staff has a calendar set for holidays, TXST (commencements/football games), SMHS (Graduation/ football games), etc but have not been able to change colors due to the non-functioning app.

New Mobile App features
  • A hierarchy of groups which would allow different colors schemes on different buildings
  • Preset color options: Independence Colors - red, white and blue; Christmas season - red and green; etc
  • Chasing option – moving light colors

Responsible Department
Downtown and Facilities staff will have app access.
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