Item 18: Resolution Against Hate, Extremism, and Bigotry

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Consider approval of Resolution 2021-234R, affirming San Marcos is a welcoming City that respects the innate dignity of all people and will not tolerate hate, extremism and bigotry; reaffirming the City Council’s support for the US Conference of Mayor’s Compact to combat hate, extremism, and bigotry; and declaring an effective date.


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Staff - How many hours of "ADL" (referenced in the doc not sure what the acronym stands for) training, as it relates to identifying hate crimes?

For the Mayor -
Please consider re-writing the recitals to better acknowledge that all 240 years of American history have not been "great" for everyone. That in fact we still have long entrenched systemic racist and bigoted policies in our government from the smallest to the highest levels and that it is your job as the Mayor, and ours in signing, to discover these faults in our democracy and work towards their abolishment.

#5 is also worded weirdly "building tolerance" "integrating immigrants".
#6 "Dark forces..." " our states..." What about including "in our community" somewhere?

What have you supported to be proactive about combating hate/extremism/bigotry?

Do you think the Police Chief should have a more open application process for the boards/committees they have put together to discuss issues around racism and discrimination in San Marcos?

Do you think that having the Criminal Justice Reform Committee being only open to the public via invitation is conducive to creating collaborative spaces to talk about these issues?

Would you support vetting Officers Social media posts for violent/racist posts?

Would you support the ban of the "Thin Blue Line" symbol from being worn by employees while they're working or being displayed in their work spaces as it is a symbol co-opted by bigots and racists, with a troubled history as well?

To what extent do we need to actively combat this versus just agreeing to disagree, as has been done by white moderates for well over 240 years?

What did you do during the Biden Bus situation to combat extremism?

I plan to ask these questions of my colleagues before we blindly sign a letter of empty platitudes...
Not open for further replies.