Item 29: Boyhood Alley

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Hold discussion regarding Recommendation Resolution 2022-01RR, of the Convention Visitor Bureau, regarding renaming of the alley to “Boyhood Alley”, and provide direction to the City Manager.
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Response provided by Rebecca Ybarra, Director of Destination Services:

Other Boards asked for support:
Main Street (see meeting notes below)
Downtown Association (Letter of Support to be emailed to council)

Main Street Advisory Board Meeting Presentation – Agenda Item #2:

  1. Receive presentation from the Lost River Film Festival and the Office of the Hays County Judge, requesting Main Street support of their initiative to name “Boyhood Alley.”
  • Concern – The film is not well known enough to justify calling it Boyhood Alley.
  • Question – Is the focus on the film or the director? (Hennig) Cannot support the name Boyhood Alley because it sounds creepy.
  • Discussion – Can it be named something to recognize the film industry in San Marcos? Agreement with the idea of naming the alley, but several board members were not comfortable supporting the specific name Boyhood Alley.
  • Concern – Most citizens will not understand the meaning of Boyhood Alley.
  • Concern – reaction by citizens if named Boyhood Alley if someone is not familiar with the movie.
  • Anita – The film won many awards, very well known in the film industry. Perhaps we could use a QR code to educate the public.
  • Staff input – Consideration of how we can educate people about the film and reason for naming – adding a sign on the wall of the Marc.
  • Staff input – Discussion of how Main Street gained support to formally name Kissing Alley.
Main Street Board Meeting Presentation – Agenda Item #4 Action Item
  1. Discuss and consider support of the Lost River Film Fest and Office of the Hays County Judge’s request to support their initiative to name “Boyhood Alley.”
  • Motion to support the request with amendment to use different name (Hennig) second (Lynn)
    • Discussion – There is no reason to name this alley anything but Boyhood Alley because no other film featured it that way. No other studios will film in that alley because it has already been featured in an award-winning film. (Collins)
    • The name might not come across as appropriate. Board members are in support of naming the alley but believe the public will have a negative association with the name Boyhood Alley.
    • Vote 6-1 in favor of amended motion
      • Yes – Breed, Lynn, Gleason, Hennig, Dunn, McCafferty
      • No - Collins
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