Item 01: Budget Policy Presentation

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Receive a Staff presentation and hold discussion regarding the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Budget Policy for the City of San Marcos, and provide direction to the City Manager.

Please follow the link to view the Budget Policy Presentation:

Budget Policy Preparation:
  • Community Enhancement- last two years of expenditures
    • Spreadsheet with requested information is attached.
  • Provide chart that shows the increase in tax base over the last 10 years
    • This information is included in the Budget Policy Workshop presentation (attached).
  • Schedule a bond election discussion with Council (may not be for upcoming fiscal year, so this could potentially be delayed). Need to talk about strategy for how to fund/support CIP
    • Noted as a future discussion item.
  • 15% of HOT tax allocated for historic preservation
    • Noted as a future discussion item.
  • History of utility rate changes
    • Included in Budget Policy Workshop presentation.
  • Stormwater revenue that we lost (specifically when we forgave utility bills)
    • The efforts to ensure that vacant properties continue to be billed for stormwater charges are ongoing. Based on the work that was done last year, revenue in the stormwater fund increased approximately $20k monthly which would result in increased revenue of $240K annually.
  • Revisit history of property tax relief that’s been provided (why don’t we have 4a 4 b, homestead exemptions, senior exemption)
    • Included within Budget Policy Workshop Presentation.
  • Economic Development incentives, TIRZ/TRZ
    • Included within Budget Policy Workshop Presentation.
  • Send list of Council Committees, remove or recalibrate Sustainability Committee
    • Please see the attached list.
  • Send current branding information to Council. Possibly use HOT money to fund a new branding campaign.
  • Work Session on Public Safety staffing. Info on Decriminalization ordinance that voters approved and also stat info shared with CJR Committee. Include anything Les may want to include as it relates to Fire
    • Slated for an upcoming work session.
  • Research implementation of permit fee for new construction/big trucks for use of roadways
    • Legal Department will be releasing a memo that addresses this matter.


  • Copy of Community Enhancement 2020-2022.xlsx
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  • Council Member Membership List _Current.xlsx
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  • Memo Regarding Community Enhancement Funding and Projects - 022323.docx
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  • CH 380 - New Tax Revenue Generated Through Agreement Term_table backup.pdf
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  • CH 380 - ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Detail Summary Sheet_backup.pdf
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