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Consider approval of Resolution 2022-261R, approving a funding contract with the non-profit San Marcos Sights and Sounds of Christmas, Inc. for the 2022 Sights and Sounds of Christmas signature event with the City providing funds in an amount not to exceed $100,000.00; authorizing the City Manager or her designee to execute the agreement on behalf of the city; and declaring an effective date


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Please provide some numbers as to the full budget that the Sights and Sounds organization uses to produce this event. High level numbers from last year is fine if those are more accessible. Total spent and total raised from other sponsors will be helpful.
I think it's important for all to know how much the SnS organization raises from sponsors and sales in addition to receiving this funding for the city.


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Response provided by Rebecca Ybarra, Director of Destination Services:
Sights and Sounds, Summer in the Park, Sacred Springs Pow Wow, Go Wheels Up and Mermaid Promenade were designated as City of San Marcos Signature Events because of their overall benefit to the San Marcos Community. The income goes beyond the event. Sights and Sounds of Christmas offers fundraising opportunities for organizations, a multitude of activities for children of all ages, respectful to the environment and is an accessible and inclusive event.

Information provided by Sights and Sounds of Christmas Board Members

2021 Sights and Sounds of Christmas
  • Two weeks of sunny warm evenings
  • First time attendance of 80,000
  • First profitable event in several years
  • 2021 allowed for loan repayment
Pre-2020 Sights and Sounds of Christmas
  • Several days of near freezing temperatures and rain
  • Attendance of less than 50,000
  • Financial losses
  • Loans were necessary to keep the event going for the SM community
2022 Sights and Sounds of Christmas
  • Operating as 2021 event
  • To date several increases in expenses (i.e. insurance and security)
  • Hoping for another year of great weather and attendance
What do they do with their net income?
  • Using the net profit to operate 2022
  • Should 2022 be a successful year, funds will be reinvested into replacing holiday displays, equipment and fixtures necessary to host a successful event


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