Item 15: Rezoning approximately 70.89 acres out of the Edward Burleson Survey

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Consider approval of Ordinance 2022-09, on the first of two readings, amending the Official Zoning Map of the City in Case ZC-21-26, by rezoning approximately 70.89 acres, more or less, out of the Edward Burleson Survey, Abstract 63, generally located north of the intersection of Gregson’s Bend and Commercial Loop, from Planning Area (PA), Future Development (FD), and General Commercial (GC) to Character District-5 (CD-5), or, subject to the consent of the owner, another less intense zoning district classification, including procedural provisions; and providing an effective date.


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Dear Mayor and Council Members,

Mr. Sibley transmitted the information below earlier today and requested that it be sent to you before today’s Council Meeting. This information will also be added to the Message Board for Agenda Item number 15.

Thanks, Joe

Joe Pantalion, PE
Assistant City Manager | City Manager's Office
630 E Hopkins, San Marcos, TX 78666
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From: Tyler Sibley <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2022 11:15 AM
To: Mattingly, Shannon <>
Cc: Cleary, Julia <>; Cosentino, Michael <>; Steve Metcalfe <>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Centerpoint Commons City Council Documents

Shannon -

Thank you for your time yesterday to further discuss the Centerpoint Commons annexation and rezoning case. As promised, please see attached the documents outlined below that aim to further support the case to approve the annexation and zoning request currently before Council. While most of the information below/attached is intended to be self-explanatory, I'd appreciate you both sending this information to the City Council in advance of the meeting this evening and presenting this information to the City Council during the meeting if possible.

1. San Marcos Multifamily Occupancy Summary - Provides a data-driven summary of the non-student housing occupancy rates for the multifamily assets in San Marcos for communities both larger than 100 units and larger than 50 units.

2. San Marcos Housing Needs Analysis - Reflects San Marcos' projected 2030 population based on the growth data from the 2020 Census that featured a population increase of 50.5% from 2010-2020. Assuming this same growth trend from 2020 - 2030, you'll see that San Marcos is expected to grow by an additional 34K people which equates to an additional 13,476 households that will need housing. Based on the continued growth of the Austin and Central Texas areas, I expect these growth numbers to be conservative to where we'll actually end up in 2030.

3. Original Master Plan for the Sportsplex - This is the original site plan from May 2017 which is provided for reference purposes.

4. Current Overall Land Use Concept Exhibit - This is the conceptual site/bubble plan that reflects the current development plan for the property. This plan incorporates a mix of housing types (apartments and townhomes) that are centered around the continued hope/plan to attract the golf entertainment concept to San Marcos. This plan is subject to change.

5. Letters of Support With An Accompanying Support Map - See attached the letters of support that I've received from neighboring property owners endorsing the City Council to approve this annexation and CD-5 zoning request. I've also included a letter or support map that shows where these properties/property owners are located.

6. Cover Letter to the City Council - Provided as a summary overview of the documents provided.

Truly appreciate all of the hard work that you and the rest of the City Staff and City Attorney's office have put into this Centerpoint Commons project over the last six plus years. Please let me know if there are any questions or comments that you have in advance of the meeting this evening.

Tyler Sibley


  • 1. San Marcos Multifamily Occupancy Summary.pdf
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  • 2. San Marcos Housing Needs Analysis.pdf
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  • 3. Original Centerpoint Commons Site Plan - May 2017.pdf
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attachments continued


  • 4. Current Centerpoint Commons Conceptual Site Plan reduced.jpg
    4. Current Centerpoint Commons Conceptual Site Plan reduced.jpg
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  • 5a. Letters of Support Map.pdf
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  • 5b. Centerpoint Letter of Support - Outlet West Investors.pdf
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  • 5c. Centerpoint Letter of Support - SMCI.pdf
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  • 5d. Centerpoint Letter of Support - Yeakey.pdf
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  • 6. Centerpoint Commons Cover Letter.pdf
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